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Isle of Dogs Review Movies 

Isle of Dogs Review

“Nobody’s giving up around here, and don’t you forget it, ever. You’re Rex. You’re King. You’re Duke. You’re Boss! I’m Chief. We’re a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs.”(Bryan Cranston, Chief). Isle of Dogs was released March 23, 2018. The animated film features many famous voices such as Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray. The story is set in a dystopian near-future Japan in which dogs have overpopulated the island and have contracted ‘canine flu’. The film begins with the mayor of Megasaki City signing a decree banishing all…

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The Greatest Showman Movies Music Opinion 

The Greatest Showman

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” (P.T. Barnum). The Greatest Showman was released on December 8, 2017. The film stars Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, Zac Efron as Philip Carlisle, Zendaya as Anne Wheeler. The film begins with a young P.T. Barnum daydreaming about performing in a circus before he’s brought back to reality. He is the son of a tailor and, while on a job one day, he meets a young girl named Charity who he makes laugh. However, the father of the young girl looks…

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Hollywood Wage Gap Features Movies News 

Hollywood Wage Gap

Recently, many stars have been demanding to be paid as much as their male co-stars and even their Caucasian co-stars. Yesterday, Viola Davis demanded that she be paid as much as Meryl Streep and other top white actresses. Davis said she’s no longer “hustling for my worth. I’m worthy. When I came out of my mother’s womb, I came out worthy.” The world’s highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, made $52 million in the 12 months to June 2015-an impressive number until it is compared to the $80 million banked by Robert…

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A Granting Grammy Music Special Events 

A Granting Grammy

The 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held on January 28. It’s been the first time since 2003 that it’s been held out of Los Angeles. There were over 80 awards handed out The ceremony opened with Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance featuring appearances by U2 and Dave Chappelle. Throughout the ceremony, it recognizes the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the year. Jay-Z entered Sunday as the top nominee, but Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar who left as the biggest winners. For record of the year, Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic”,…

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Chorus Student Feature: Sabrina Long Features Music 

Chorus Student Feature: Sabrina Long

Sabrina Long is seventeen years old and is currently a senior at Northern Bedford. She has many interesting hobbies including: singing, drawing, reading, writing, ice skating, rollerblading, kayaking, and playing the ukulele. She is known by many to have an excellent singing voice and she even intends to pursue a career involving singing and instruments. Sabrina says that she’s had a passion for singing ever since elementary school. That is a truly long time to stay dedicated to something. Sabrina has won many awards for her amazing talent,including earning high…

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Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate Food 

Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate

This winter you can have easy delicious homemade hot chocolate with just a few easy steps. This recipe is so simple and so much better than store bought hot chocolate mixes.   You will need: 3 1/2 cups sugar 2 1/4 cups cocoa 1 tablespoon table salt Whole milk for serving   In a large bowl, combine sugar, cocoa, and salt, and stir till mixture is evenly combined. Store mixture in an airtight container. For individual servings, pour 1 cup whole milk into a microwave-safe mug, and microwave on high…

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A Truly Fantastic Mr. Fox Features Movies 

A Truly Fantastic Mr. Fox

“We’re all different, but there’s something kind of fantastic about that isn’t there?” Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop-motion animated film directed by Wes Anderson. It was based off the book by Roald Dahl, known for other works such as Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and The BFG. The movie follow a fox named Mr. Fox who went from being a thieving teenager to a thieving family man. Mr. Fox wants the best in life for himself and his family, but the means he goes to to procure the finer…

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30 Days of Horror: Cannibalism in WWII Features Food Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: Cannibalism in WWII

The former President George H.W. Bush narrowly escaped being beheaded and eaten by Japanese soldiers when he was shot down over the Pacific in the Second World War. Lt George Bush, then a 20-year-old pilot, was among nine airmen who escaped from their planes after being shot down during bombing raids on Chichi Jima, a tiny island 700 miles south of Tokyo, in September 1944 – and was the only one to evade capture by the Japanese. The horrific fate of the other eight men was established in subsequent war crimes…

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Let’s Be Frank About “Frank” Features Movies 

Let’s Be Frank About “Frank”

“I say tell everyone everything. Why cover anything up?” The movie Frank was released in 2014 and was directed by Lenny Abrahamson. This dramedy, despite the title, does not feature the character Frank, played by Michael Fassbender, as the protagonist but rather as just one of the main characters. This movie actually follows a man named Jon Burroughs, played by Domhnall Gleeson. Jon wanders a small town all day brainstorming songs as he aspires to be a famous musician. Then one day on the ocean shore, he meets Don, played…

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Take a Risk on Riverdale Features Movies 

Take a Risk on Riverdale

“…trapped within its walls, like some Gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom, who’s still grieving for her beloved brother Jason. Linked in death even as they were in life.” This is just one of the many intriguing lines from the TV show Riverdale. Riverdale is an extremely thrilling new TV show by the CW. The show is the CW’s take on the classic Archie Andrews comics. The first episode begins with the narrator Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse, narrating the goings on of the small town of Riverdale from his…

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