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The Rotary 4 Way Test Special Events 

The Rotary 4 Way Test

Every year, the Morrison Cove Rotary holds its annual speech contest. On March 14 at Northern Bedford, 7 students competed for cash prizes. Each speeches must be 5 to 7 minutes in length and must be based on an ethical issue in the world. In their speeches, each student must include the Rotary 4 Way Test and solutions to their issue. 6 of the participants were from Northern Bedford itself. The other student was from Spring Cove. In 3rd place, Kara Wright, a Northern Bedford Senior, gave her speech on…

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Triple Elegance Features News Special Events 

Triple Elegance

United States figure skater Mirai Nagasu made history on Monday after becoming the first American woman in history to land a triple axel jump at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and only the third ever. The 24-year-old’s run helped the US to claim the bronze medal in the team event, and after starting with the incredibly difficult jump, she then completed eight other triple jumps including a triple flip and a triple Slachow combination. Four years ago, Nagasu was heartbroken after being left off the US team for the 2014 Sochi…

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A Granting Grammy Music Special Events 

A Granting Grammy

The 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held on January 28. It’s been the first time since 2003 that it’s been held out of Los Angeles. There were over 80 awards handed out The ceremony opened with Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance featuring appearances by U2 and Dave Chappelle. Throughout the ceremony, it recognizes the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the year. Jay-Z entered Sunday as the top nominee, but Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar who left as the biggest winners. For record of the year, Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic”,…

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The Silence Breakers Features News Rants and Raves Special Events 

The Silence Breakers

“I speak not for myself, but for those without voice…those who have fought for their rights…their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated” (Malala Yousafzai). For decades, men and women across the globe have been needlessly silent on the topic of sexual assault and harassment. That is until recently; a hashtag has gone viral on twitter causing many to finally speak up about their stories of sexual assault and harassment. The #metoo movement began…

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30 Days of Horror: Frozen Solid Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: Frozen Solid

On September, 11 2017, Kenneka Jenkins and a few of her friends decided to go to the movies, but they ended up heading to the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center in Rosemont, IL for another friends birthday party. Little did Kenneka Jenkins know, that her life would come to an end that night. The girls attend a wild party on the ninth floor of the hotel. Many people were drinking that night along with Kenneka. At some point, Kenneka left the party and her friends realize she…

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30 Days of Horror: A Shooting Star Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: A Shooting Star

William Desmond Taylor was a famous actor/director in the silent movie era. Then, in 1922, Taylor was found lying on his floor with a bullet in his back. Suspects ranged from a delinquent valet with no alibi to an obsessed fan of Taylor’s. The young woman’s mother even owned a gun that matched the one Taylor had been shot with. Taylor was supposedly an anti-drug crusader and wanted drugs out of Hollywood. However, during the investigation, rumors started to spread that claimed that Taylor was part of a drug partaking…

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30 Days of Horror: The Mystery Of Joseph Bowne Elwell Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: The Mystery Of Joseph Bowne Elwell

On June 11, 1920, J.B. Elwell was found dead sitting in his living room by his housekeeper. There was an open letter on his lap and a pile of unopened mail beside him, delivered to him just one hour prior. He had been shot by a bullet that was found on a nearby table. Nothing had been stolen and no one had been seen entering or leaving. Elwell was not well liked as he slept around with many of the elite’s wives. That’s a lot of soiled reputations, jealous suitors,…

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30 Days of Horror: John Wanye Gacy Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: John Wanye Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in an abusive family and struggled with his sexuality. After being convicted of sexual assault in 1968, it was discovered that he had killed at least 33 young males, burying most under his home. Gacy was the son of Danish and Polish parents. He and his siblings grew up with a drunk father who beat them with a razor strap. Gacy’s father even abused their mother. Gacy’s sister reported that Gacy toughened up and would…

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30 Days of Horror: The Death of Julia Wallace Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: The Death of Julia Wallace

Julia Wallace was a British housewife who lived in Liverpool. On January 19, 1931, her husband William went to the local chess club for a regular game. When he arrived, he was told a message was left for him by a man named Qualtrough telling him to go to 25 Menlove Gardens East. The next day, William did just that, leaving his wife at home. He ultimately discovered it was a phony address, having spent nearly an hour wandering up and down the road. As William arrived home he discovered…

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30 Days of Horror: Keddie Cabin Murders Features Special Events 

30 Days of Horror: Keddie Cabin Murders

On the morning on April 12, 1981 the bodies of Sue Sharp, Johnny Sharp, and Dana Wingate were found dead in Cabin 28 in Keddie, California. The family had moved to the cabin in 1980 and were living peacefully. Sheila Sharp had spent the night at a friends house and was the person who found the bodies. Tina Sharp, Sheila’s sister, was missing from the scene, but her remains would later be discovered. However, Sheila’s two younger brothers were found sound asleep in their bedroom. In the room, there was…

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