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Go Foor It! Features Focus Sports 

Go Foor It!

Andrew Foor is a senior at Northern Bedford County High School. As a tri-athlete, he is involved in football, basketball, and baseball and he starts in all three.  He was always involved in sports, even at a young age.He said, “I’ve been playing sports since I was able to throw a ball. My brother was already in sports, so watching him brought me into the same sport interests.” Of all sports, baseball is his favorite sport to watch and play, and he always holds high expectations of himself.  As a…

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Gordon is Gone Features Sports 

Gordon is Gone

On Tuesday, October 17, the Boston Celtics played their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers and took a loss on and off of the court. The Celtic’s small forward Gordon Hayward took a serious injury and the team finished 99-102. With 6 minutes and 45 seconds left in the first quarter, Hayward, number 20, went up in the air at the basket to receive an alley-oop and got bumped by Lebron James. Upon going down from the jump, Hayward landed awkwardly on his left leg. His leg was instantly distorted,…

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Intercepted Scholarships Features News Sports 

Intercepted Scholarships

Sunday, March 12th at the 20th annual Central Pennsylvania National Football Foundation dinner, 45 high school football players were awarded. One of these players was Northern Bedford’s very own, Jacob Dasher. Dasher is the son of Keith and Trish Dasher, and was awarded for his work in the classroom, in the community, and on the field. Past recipients of this award from Northern Bedford include Willie Sollenberger, Andrew Cronrath, Blake Over, Aaron Batzel, and now Jacob Dasher. He has stated that this organization “is great and has helped student-athletes forward…

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Over and Lingenfelter Run the Extra Mile Fall Sports Sports 

Over and Lingenfelter Run the Extra Mile

Madison Over and Sydney Lingenfelter proved to be only “half crazy” by running the sold out, 7th annual Hershey Half Marathon at Hershey Park on October 16 at 7:30 a.m to benefit Children’s Miracle Network of Penn State Hershey Hospital. Over 5,000 brave runners lined up at the starting line, around 7 a.m, to take part in running a 13.1-mile course that winds through Hersheypark, goes into the town of Hershey, and then ends on Hersheypark stadium. For Madison Over, a junior at Northern Bedford, this wasn’t her first time…

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Gym for Athletes? Rants and Raves Sports 

Gym for Athletes?

Is physical education honestly needed for student athletes? Here at NBC, Physical Education is a mandatory class for 9-12 graders, students need to pass the course in order to graduate. Should it be optional for student athletes? Phys. Ed is a burden for student athletes, whether they play one sport or three. It should be offered to students as an elective, but since it’s a mandatory class, students should be granted the time to practice the sport they play.   Students involved in sports or extracurricular activities need time to…

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Girls Volleyball Team Starts With A Loss Fall Sports Sports 

Girls Volleyball Team Starts With A Loss

The Northern Bedford girls volleyball team played hard at their first game on Thursday, September 6th at Williamsburg High School, but came out short losing 3 of the 4 games.   The starters of the game were senior Morgan Kichman (setter), senior Emma Eckenrode (middle),  junior Maddie Cherry (middle), senior Jessika Branter (outside), junior Kaylee Bowsers (outside), and  sophomore Cameron Pressel (right side). All girls gave it their all, but lacked some energy. Maddie Cherry had some good hits and Morgan Kichman scored 7 serving points during the 4th game….

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Girls Soccer Takes a Win Fall Sports Sports 

Girls Soccer Takes a Win

  Northern Bedford’s girls varsity soccer team took their first win against Johnstown Christian with a final score of 15-0 on Tuesday, September 6th. Peyton Leidy and Jostin Ebersole, juniors Jordan Helsely and Sadie McConnell, sophomore Madison Cottle, and freshman Lacey Fleck, all scored a goal.   Ever since school ended in June, the team has been working hard each day to get in shape for the season.

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Football Player Refuses to Stand for the National Anthem News Sports 

Football Player Refuses to Stand for the National Anthem

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem at a Thursday night football game. However, this was not Kaepernick’s first time refusing to stand for the National Anthem. He also failed to stand two preseason games, but nobody noticed. Kaepernick first developed a public political identity last December when he started posting rude comments and criticism about Donald Trump and his order to ban illegal immigrants from the country. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country…

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Sparring With the Spartans Sports Winter Sports 

Sparring With the Spartans

The varsity girls basketball team battled the McConnellsburg Spartans on home court on Thursday, December 17, and lost with a score of 63-66. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Jostin Ebersole, Sydney Snyder, and Peyton Leidy. Snyder scored the most points with a grand total of 25 and Eckenroad fell just behind her with 21. Ebersole took the lead for rebounds with 5 and Eckenroad had 4. Leidy and Snyder tied for having the most assists, both having…

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Varsity Girls Take on the Indians Sports Winter Sports 

Varsity Girls Take on the Indians

On Monday, December 14, the varsity girls basketball team took on the Southern Fulton Indians and lost with a score of 49-52. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Sydney Snyder, Peyton Leidy, and Jostin Ebersole. Snyder took the lead for scoring with 15 points. Following close behind her was Eckenroad with 11 points and sophomore Makenzie Gates with 10. Eckenroad and Snyder tied for the lead in rebounds with each of them having 7. Snyder also had 3 assists…

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