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In School Fundraisers News 

In School Fundraisers

Raising money for FBLA, the members continue to sell Subway coupon cards until September 24, 2018. After state competition’s last year, funds for the club are insufficient. We ask the community to help by purchasing their product. Also this week, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) fund raise for the State Conference coming up by selling Bedford Candies’ products. Again, we ask for your support to help get their members to this Conference.

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A Bright Outlook in Dark Weather Focus News 

A Bright Outlook in Dark Weather

Intense rain and poor field conditions have seriously affected the soccer schedule. The varsity girls’ soccer team has only played two games, one of which was delayed by thunder and lightning. There were two cancelled games that are to be played against West branch and Tussey Mountain Saturdays in October. The team remains hopeful for this season. They have been working to build their skills as well as their confidence. They have put a lot of time into improving and are excited to see how the season plays out.  

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Student Council: Making an IMPACT News Special Events 

Student Council: Making an IMPACT

Student Council President, Ariel Reed is taking multiple student issues to the school board. One of the issues that the Student Council will be bringing up is where the money gathered from parking passes will be going. The Student Council threw around ideas and decided on using the money to help fund a senior trip. This would benefit this year’s seniors and all the rest to come. Also, at the football game on Friday, September 14, the Student Council will be raising money for the Dasher family. “The Student Council…

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Trump Decreases Pollution Laws Politics 

Trump Decreases Pollution Laws

President Donald Trump recently deducted some pollution laws set by Obama. These laws previously caused a cutback in coal mining jobs. The lack of pollution laws are expected to increase health problems and premature deaths for those living near the coal power plants. The harmful emissions are a major downfall, but more jobs are opening for coal miners. “People here have had it with other people telling us what we need. We know what we need. We need a job” said Knotts, a coal miner of 35 years.

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Spread Pride with the Student Section Fall Sports News 

Spread Pride with the Student Section

Northern Bedford Student Section started with an active member of its school’s student body. Ian Sherlock began the student section because he wanted to get students more focused on the actual football game rather than running around causing problems. The Student Section count was down for the first two football games. “I’m going to try again so hopefully more people will show up and be into it.” said Junior Ian Sherlock. Please come out and support our team by joining the student section this week at the home game against…

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Starting Out The School Year With P.R.I.D.E News Special Events 

Starting Out The School Year With P.R.I.D.E

The PRIDE student team and staff held their kickoff assembly in the auditorium on Wednesday where they learned that PRIDE stands for positivity, respect, involved, dependable, and excellence. To start the assembly, the Northern Bedford Marching Band engaged the crowd with stand tunes; and afterwards, students and staff participated in a competitive game of Jeopardy to make the learning experience more interesting to the students. The teams that competed were Purple (Andy Barton, Courtney Morris, and Koda Clark), Blue (Garry Black, RJ Gates, Leah Swanseen), Green (Janine England, Krysta Kennedy,…

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Grieving Family Denied Court Ruling by Federal Judge Focus News 

Grieving Family Denied Court Ruling by Federal Judge

On July 20, the Lansberrys lost a court case about their deceased son to federal court judges. Marc Lansberry’s son Wyatt went to Altoona school district before he died in 2017 and hoped that with his death he could stop future bullying. The Lansberrys pressed charges against the district for negligence, allowing their son to be bullied. The court judge ruled there was not sufficient evidence and the Lansberry’s attorney believed the ruling was “unjust” ( Marc Lansberry stated that he will continue trying to get justice for his son….

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Seniors meet with Mr. O’ Dellick For Class Meeting News Special Events 

Seniors meet with Mr. O’ Dellick For Class Meeting

Ninth period in the auditorium seniors met with Mr. O’ Dellick to go over expectations for the school year. Each year students meet with Mr. O’ Dellick and this year was no different. Mr. O’ Dellick touched on many old rules and some new.  A new teacher took the business teacher position in the high school this year: Mr. Black, who previously taught grade 6. The cell phone policy remains strict and teachers are required to  crack down on taking them away if they’re out at the wrong time. The dress code is…

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School Kickoff at Chick-fil-a News 

School Kickoff at Chick-fil-a

On August 21, 2018, Duncansville, Alleghany, and Blair County law enforcements celebrated a back to school event arranged by the Altoona Chick-fil-a. These departments wanted to better connect themselves with the youth community; and by doing this event, the sheriff’s office completed their goal of “bridging the bond between law enforcement and our community” Sheriff James Ott said. In the community, interacting with kids at a very young age helps keep them on the right path and moving forward. Because of this community partnership and the public’s support, Chick-fil-a publicly…

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