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Gallant Gifts Uncategorized 

Gallant Gifts

Northern Bedford’s horticulture club is having their annual Valentine’s Day gift sale. Starting on Tuesday, February 6, students can purchase these gifts for best friends, significant others, and just for those who need a smile. Students can buy the gifts during lunch until Friday, February 9. Balloons are $3.00, carnations are $2.50, red roses are $5.00, arrangements are $13.00, and candy arrangements are $11.00. The gifts will be delivered on Valentine’s Day, February 14, during period 9.

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Bus Breakdown Uncategorized 

Bus Breakdown

The weather is taking a windy turn this year making it difficult for vehicles and, most importantly, buses to start. With temperatures plummeting to the negatives, the cold, damp weather wreaks havoc with batteries, fuel system, carburetors, and alternators. On January 3, Northern Bedford’s students and staffs Christmas break came to an end. Just as the new year starts up, there have been two buses so far that have broken down. Bus number 25 was having problems on the first day back. On Thursday, January 4, the second day back…

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Stupendous School Spirit Uncategorized 

Stupendous School Spirit

This week Northern Bedford is celebrating Homecoming by having students dress up every day. Each day the theme changes: Monday is Pajama/Slippers Day, Tuesday is Mathletes v.s. Athletes, Wednesday is America day, Thursday is Color Day, and Friday is Black and White Day. Students can also be awarded SPIRIT PRIDE tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday for participating. On Friday there will also be a Pep Rally/Parade in anticipation of Homecoming. The dance will be Saturday, September 30 with the theme of Enchanted Forest.

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No Food, No Fun Uncategorized 

No Food, No Fun

As some may know, the Roaring Spring Dam Park was a place for a clean, dependable water source, picnics, duck feeding, dressy pictures, and many other memorable reasons. Although, it’s official. Feeding the wildlife at the Spring Dam Park is no longer allowed. These ducks and geese have been living on these grounds for many years and have been fed by local residents. Monday night, the Roaring Spring Borough Council voted 6 to zero to prohibit the feeding. This made some residents upset. It was said that the food isn’t…

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3 Quick Ways To Organize Your Locker Uncategorized 

3 Quick Ways To Organize Your Locker

Kicking a backpack into your locker, trying not to topple over mismatched stacks of books, digging to find that last pencil underneath the pile of coats you keep forgetting to take home- We’ve all been there. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be like this! Here are a few quick and easy tips to free up some room in any storage space.       Funnily enough, the first place you can look to save space isn’t on the hooks or shelves that come standard in every NBC locker-…

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Dancing Off Cancer Uncategorized 

Dancing Off Cancer

On Friday, February 17th Penn State started their annual dance-a-thon at the Bryce Jordan Center. They danced to raise money for kids diagnosed with cancer. After 46 hours, many dancers finally sat down from being on their feet. Over 10 million dollars were raised for this event. Some of the dancers say that at the end, revealing the amount raised is great, but the hours before really count. Rebecca Febbo, a dancer, explained, “Kids are really important to me, and seeing them run around, having fun, and be carefree in…

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An Arrogant Presidency Uncategorized 

An Arrogant Presidency

It’s been roughly 40 days into President Trumps presidency, and many things have started to revolt at the White House. So far at the White House, what Trump has done is the Regulatory Form, Steam Protection, the Anti-Corruption Appeal, Police Protection, Border Security, and many others. Just the other day, President Donald Trump thinks that former President Obama is behind all the leaks in his administration. He believes that these leaks have disrupted his few days in White House. After being asked numerous questions by Fox News, he kept going…

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Adele Sends Her Love Uncategorized 

Adele Sends Her Love

Last night, Adele swept others off their feet at the 59th Grammy Awards along with Beyonce. Adele also went home with 5 total awards including one for album of the year. Beyonce, who has recently announced that she is having twins, told everyone why she is nicknamed “Queen Bey” with a strong medley of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles.” This was a nine minute set that celebrated women and motherhood. Adele has opened up the show with her hit “hello,” and had then later performed an arrangement of George Michael’s “Fastlove”…

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Abhor Abortion Uncategorized 

Abhor Abortion

Conservatives in Congress and anti-abortion activists are applauding President Donald Trump for signing the executive action on Monday restoring the so-called Mexican City Policy which now prevents non-governmental organizations from giving funds towards abortions. This helps boost abortions from receiving US government funding. The policy, originally put in place by the Reagan administration, was repealed by the Obama administration in 2009. Even during the Obama years, the US law prohibited direct funding for abortion services. Non-governmental organizations that had helped perform the procedure were allowed to receive funding for other…

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Easy Do It Yourself Gifts Uncategorized 

Easy Do It Yourself Gifts

Tis the season for giving, so give your friends a gift they’ll love. Christmas shopping can be one of the hardest things during the holiday season. Finding the time and money to shop for everyone can be a hard and stressful thing. Homemade gifts are a great alternative to buying gifts. They can be personalized, and even have more meaning because they were created with your hands. You can easily make gifts at home that your friends and family will love, you can even make a little something extra for…

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