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Crystal found to be world’s oldest existing piece of Earth News 

Crystal found to be world’s oldest existing piece of Earth

A crystal of zircon found in rural Australia was dated by scientists to be approximately 4.4 billion years old on Sunday, making it the oldest known piece of Earth’s crust in existence. The crystal was found in a hot, arid region of Australia near Perth, one of Australia’s largest cities. It was discovered in 2001 on a sheep farm in the Jack Hills region north of Perth. It was turned over to scientists to date using newer methods that replaced often inaccurate and faulty ones, such as observing radioactive decay…

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Montezuma provides quality Mexican food to the area Opinion 

Montezuma provides quality Mexican food to the area

If you’re looking for a solid Mexican restaurant in the area, check out Montezuma in Altoona. With additional locations in Chambersburg, Waynesboro, and Gettysburg, Montezuma will satisfy both you and your wallet. While not a typically extravagant diner, I do expect to be pleased with my meal when I splurge, and Montezuma provided the answer to my cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine. The dining atmosphere at Montezuma is fantastic, easily rivaling the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in a Mexican restaurant. We were seated very quickly upon arrival, and led…

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Flappy Bird pulled from the market News 

Flappy Bird pulled from the market

Smartphone users and gamers alike are clamoring for a new way to play the popular mobile game sensation Flappy Bird after its developer pulled it from the App Store and Google Play markets. The game became a frustrating phenomenon for its Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen, after the game became a worldwide sensation before it was taken down on February 9. He called the game “too addictive”, saying his intent was not for the game to be as time-consuming and irritating to players as it was. In addition, Nguyen was making…

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College tuition costs are excessive Editorials Opinion 

College tuition costs are excessive

College tuition rates are rising seemingly overnight in an effort by schools across the nation to increase their prestige and brand, as well as make up deficits in state and alumni funding. Forbes calls the price of college tuition “underpriced” in the years following one of the worst economic collapses in United States history. These increases are making it challenging for middle class American students and families to afford a solid education without graduating on top of a mountain of debt. Student debt outpaced credit card debt nationally for the…

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World Health Organization reports growing cancer rates News 

World Health Organization reports growing cancer rates

The World Health Organization’s annual cancer report has revealed that cancer rates are rising throughout the world as scientists race to combat the fast-rising number of cases brought on by poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors. The report, released on World Cancer Day, highlights the number of new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in a period of two decades compared with the number of new diagnoses in 2012. An estimated 22 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed per year over a period of 20 years, a 57% increase…

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Sochi Olympics set to kick off amid security concerns News 

Sochi Olympics set to kick off amid security concerns

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, to be held in Sochi, Russia, are set to kick off on February 6 amid security concerns arising from logistical issues between the Russian and American governments. The Sochi Olympics, located just over 500 miles from the terrorist hotbed of the Caucasus region, has been subject to many security concerns due to its proximity to the Caucasus region and a lack of correspondence between the governments of the United States and Russia. Russia has vowed it is prepared to defend the Olympics of its own…

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Cold temperatures making for unpleasant week News 

Cold temperatures making for unpleasant week

Much of the country is experiencing frigid cold this week after a potent combination of arctic air and snowfall combined to bring some of the coldest temperatures in years. The uncomfortable winter conditions were brought on by a blast of air known as a polar vortex, which was pushed down into the United States by strong air currents hovering around the North Pole. Below-zero temperatures will threaten to set records in many areas of the nation. Midwestern cities will see single digit highs with wind chills dipping far below zero….

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Congress seeks to avoid another shutdown News 

Congress seeks to avoid another shutdown

The House of Representatives will vote Thursday in Washington on a bipartisan budget deal designed to avoid another government shutdown similar to the one that occurred from early to mid October. The bill was the work of Republican Paul Ryan and Democrat Patty Murray, both of whom chair their respective houses’ budget committees. The deal was designed largely to eliminate any potential for another inconvenient government shutdown, which cripples the government in key areas such as spending, benefits, and law enforcement. Sequesters, hefty tax cuts that go into affect as…

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NHS participates in Operation Christmas Child News 

NHS participates in Operation Christmas Child

Members of the NHS chose to support the Operation Christmas Child charity drive this holiday season as a way to participate in the spirit of the season by giving to those less fortunate than us here in the United States. Children in third world countries fight to survive on a daily basis; they struggle to meet even the most basic of their needs. Many of these children would never know the simple childhood experience of unwrapping a Christmas present if not for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is run…

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Nelson Mandela passes away at 95 News 

Nelson Mandela passes away at 95

Former South African president and world icon Nelson Mandela died yesterday evening at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela is famous for his perseverance in the face of adversity, most notably his 27 year imprisonment on antigovernment charges. He was the leader of an antiapartheid revolution to end the unfair treatment of South Africa’s black population by the then current regime. After being convicted of antiapartheid activities by his government, crimes punishable in some instances by death, he was jailed until his release…

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