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Abhor Abortion Uncategorized 

Abhor Abortion

Conservatives in Congress and anti-abortion activists are applauding President Donald Trump for signing the executive action on Monday restoring the so-called Mexican City Policy which now prevents non-governmental organizations from giving funds towards abortions. This helps boost abortions from receiving US government funding. The policy, originally put in place by the Reagan administration, was repealed by the Obama administration in 2009. Even during the Obama years, the US law prohibited direct funding for abortion services. Non-governmental organizations that had helped perform the procedure were allowed to receive funding for other…

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A Girl Like Her Uncategorized 

A Girl Like Her

A Girl Like Her is a great example about how bullying can have an effect on people, like the affect of negative words. People tend to think that movies like this are boring and dull, but A Girl Like Her makes a vivid point about how bullying plays a factor in everyday lives. Lexi Ainsworth plays Jessica Burns, the victim of the bullying. Her life has been taken a downward spiral because of a very popular girl at school, Avery Keller, who is played by Hunter King. After getting unfavorable…

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Fall Fun Food Music Special Events 

Fall Fun

Fall might be considered as the leaves changing or the cooler weather, but the beginning of fall is remembered by most people as the Fall Foliage Festival. Held in Bedford, the festival celebrates their 52nd year on the weekends of October 1 and 7. The festival, held on the 1 and 7 weekends of October, has brought in people near and far to kick off their fall with some exciting entertainment, food, and crafts. A visitor, Jeff Jurick, traveled almost an hour to the festival. “We’re from West Virginia and…

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School Plans New Elementary News Special Events 

School Plans New Elementary

The first day at a new school for students who have been used to a tight space to learn is like a first day in a big city. That is what some hope for at the Keith Elementary school in Altoona, PA. A new school for the Keith students could give them more opportunities to shine with classes such as music, art, and special education. They will also have multi purpose rooms, which will open new possibilities for the students. With the new plan to reduce crowding, the 6th graders…

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Girls Soccer Takes a Win Fall Sports Sports 

Girls Soccer Takes a Win

  Northern Bedford’s girls varsity soccer team took their first win against Johnstown Christian with a final score of 15-0 on Tuesday, September 6th. Peyton Leidy and Jostin Ebersole, juniors Jordan Helsely and Sadie McConnell, sophomore Madison Cottle, and freshman Lacey Fleck, all scored a goal.   Ever since school ended in June, the team has been working hard each day to get in shape for the season.

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SpaceX Rocket Explodes News 

SpaceX Rocket Explodes

SpaceX, a rocket, had exploded at its Cape Canaveral launch pad on September 1st. It has been said that while it was being fueled, the rocket had exploded. The launch was just a test run, but the cause of the explosion is unknown. The explosion destroyed a rocket that were to be launched in a few days. This rocket was carrying a satellite to be used by facebook to bring the internet access to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The satellite was destroyed as well. There were no injuries…

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