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The Rotary 4 Way Test Special Events 

The Rotary 4 Way Test

Every year, the Morrison Cove Rotary holds its annual speech contest. On March 14 at Northern Bedford, 7 students competed for cash prizes. Each speeches must be 5 to 7 minutes in length and must be based on an ethical issue in the world. In their speeches, each student must include the Rotary 4 Way Test and solutions to their issue. 6 of the participants were from Northern Bedford itself. The other student was from Spring Cove. In 3rd place, Kara Wright, a Northern Bedford Senior, gave her speech on…

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Gallant Gifts Uncategorized 

Gallant Gifts

Northern Bedford’s horticulture club is having their annual Valentine’s Day gift sale. Starting on Tuesday, February 6, students can purchase these gifts for best friends, significant others, and just for those who need a smile. Students can buy the gifts during lunch until Friday, February 9. Balloons are $3.00, carnations are $2.50, red roses are $5.00, arrangements are $13.00, and candy arrangements are $11.00. The gifts will be delivered on Valentine’s Day, February 14, during period 9.

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A Granting Grammy Music Special Events 

A Granting Grammy

The 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held on January 28. It’s been the first time since 2003 that it’s been held out of Los Angeles. There were over 80 awards handed out The ceremony opened with Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance featuring appearances by U2 and Dave Chappelle. Throughout the ceremony, it recognizes the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the year. Jay-Z entered Sunday as the top nominee, but Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar who left as the biggest winners. For record of the year, Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic”,…

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Bus Breakdown Uncategorized 

Bus Breakdown

The weather is taking a windy turn this year making it difficult for vehicles and, most importantly, buses to start. With temperatures plummeting to the negatives, the cold, damp weather wreaks havoc with batteries, fuel system, carburetors, and alternators. On January 3, Northern Bedford’s students and staffs Christmas break came to an end. Just as the new year starts up, there have been two buses so far that have broken down. Bus number 25 was having problems on the first day back. On Thursday, January 4, the second day back…

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Una Entrevista con el Sr. Brian Dutchcot Features 

Una Entrevista con el Sr. Brian Dutchcot

Several years ago at the start of his high school career, Brian Dutchcot inherited an impromptu passion for the Spanish language. His love for a different culture grew as he became more open to the exquisite Spanish culture. Life got to the point where his daily routine consisted of Spanish. He knew that his love for Spanish was growing, so he thought, “why not go to school to have a career in this language?” And that’s what happened. During his high school years at Ridgway Area High School in Elk…

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The Dirty Truth of Men Opinion 

The Dirty Truth of Men

“Are there any ‘real men’ left in the world?” asks a large majority of females nowadays. The way men react today is depriving the women of happiness and confidence. The typical man today is looked at, and immediately, disappointment is found. What is happening? Where is the integrity, courtesy, and manners? This all started to happen when swiping right on Tinder took over courtship, and our women started to falsely believe they’ll end up alone if they don’t accept mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, there are good guys out there,…

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Petty Positivity Editorials 

Petty Positivity

Coming into the new school year, several changes have been made to the Northern Bedford high school. Changes such as a shared left turn lane being put in, updated locker rooms, new bleachers, and most importantly, the way students and teachers are acting.   All of the schools in the area are trying to make life at school more positive than it already is. A problem that is becoming clear, though, is that the attempt of creating more positivity is leading some students to behavior that isn’t necessarily genuine.  …

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Why is Thirteen Reasons Why Trendy? Movies 

Why is Thirteen Reasons Why Trendy?

Many of us today are familiar with Netflix and all of the other movie streaming sources, but after finishing a certain series, the most popular question most people ask themselves is “now what do I do with my life?” That thought has come from the nail-biting show of Thirteen Reasons Why. Whether you binge-watched the series in a weekend or read the entire book when it came out, the general consensus is that Thirteen Reasons Why is one of the most crippling depictions of modern teen suicide. Thirteen Reasons Why…

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No Food, No Fun Uncategorized 

No Food, No Fun

As some may know, the Roaring Spring Dam Park was a place for a clean, dependable water source, picnics, duck feeding, dressy pictures, and many other memorable reasons. Although, it’s official. Feeding the wildlife at the Spring Dam Park is no longer allowed. These ducks and geese have been living on these grounds for many years and have been fed by local residents. Monday night, the Roaring Spring Borough Council voted 6 to zero to prohibit the feeding. This made some residents upset. It was said that the food isn’t…

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Intercepted Scholarships Features News Sports 

Intercepted Scholarships

Sunday, March 12th at the 20th annual Central Pennsylvania National Football Foundation dinner, 45 high school football players were awarded. One of these players was Northern Bedford’s very own, Jacob Dasher. Dasher is the son of Keith and Trish Dasher, and was awarded for his work in the classroom, in the community, and on the field. Past recipients of this award from Northern Bedford include Willie Sollenberger, Andrew Cronrath, Blake Over, Aaron Batzel, and now Jacob Dasher. He has stated that this organization “is great and has helped student-athletes forward…

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