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Passing of Pepe Features News 

Passing of Pepe

Pepe the Frog, a peaceful meme, has croaked due to the ties to racism and prejudice. Pepe was originally just a cartoon strip. Pepe soon became one of the most famous frogs on the internet. Pepe the Frog was an internet sensation shortly after being published in the comic. He was turned into one of the most famous memes. Considered the sad frog meme, Pepe was the center of the meme-universe for quite some time. His reign lasted from 2005-2016. All good things come to an end, even memes. Pepe…

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Seminole Serial Killer? Features News 

Seminole Serial Killer?

On October 9, 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell was shot and killed in front of his home in Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida. Two days later another victim was shot. Monica Hoffa, 32, was killed and found only a half of a mile from Mitchell. The third victim was a 20-year-old autistic named Anthony Naiboa. These three murders are believed to be connected and a possible start to a new serial killer in Tampa. Police have been avoiding the term serial killer to not raise alarm and just don’t have enough evidence….

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Gordon is Gone Features Sports 

Gordon is Gone

On Tuesday, October 17, the Boston Celtics played their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers and took a loss on and off of the court. The Celtic’s small forward Gordon Hayward took a serious injury and the team finished 99-102. With 6 minutes and 45 seconds left in the first quarter, Hayward, number 20, went up in the air at the basket to receive an alley-oop and got bumped by Lebron James. Upon going down from the jump, Hayward landed awkwardly on his left leg. His leg was instantly distorted,…

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Giving Gallons Features 

Giving Gallons

On Thursday, November 2, the Northern Bedford student council hosted a Red Cross blood drive. Students and parents met in the gym throughout the day to donate and volunteer to assist the donors. Student council also donated $50 in order to buy pizza for those giving. With 46 presenting donors, the drive was a success. There were 37 units of blood collected in total. That is approximately 4 and a half gallons of blood! 15 student council members volunteered and senior Allie Cottle supervised the drive. “It was a great…

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Don’t Dock DACA News Politics 

Don’t Dock DACA

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was a program set up by past president Barack Obama, but current President Donald Trump would like to do away with this program by March 2018. This program allowed underage, undocumented illegal immigrants to avoid deportation and be able to go to college and get a job. This gives them a chance at life in the United States. It is a program that was started in 2012 and has helped a lot of young immigrants drug to America in hopes of a better…

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The Amazing Art Addition Features News 

The Amazing Art Addition

There is a new addition to the Northern Bedford family this fall, Coryn Snyder. As the beloved Mrs. Lowery retired, the school has gained a new art teacher. Reigning from East Freedom and graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, Mrs. Snyder, and not the English teacher, is Northern Bedford’s newest art teacher. Mrs. Snyder was born and raised in the Cove and spent much of her time with family. “I grew up in Roaring Spring; I remember playing outside often. My brother…

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Sparring With the Spartans Sports Winter Sports 

Sparring With the Spartans

The varsity girls basketball team battled the McConnellsburg Spartans on home court on Thursday, December 17, and lost with a score of 63-66. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Jostin Ebersole, Sydney Snyder, and Peyton Leidy. Snyder scored the most points with a grand total of 25 and Eckenroad fell just behind her with 21. Ebersole took the lead for rebounds with 5 and Eckenroad had 4. Leidy and Snyder tied for having the most assists, both having…

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Varsity Girls Take on the Indians Sports Winter Sports 

Varsity Girls Take on the Indians

On Monday, December 14, the varsity girls basketball team took on the Southern Fulton Indians and lost with a score of 49-52. The starting line-up for this game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Sydney Snyder, Peyton Leidy, and Jostin Ebersole. Snyder took the lead for scoring with 15 points. Following close behind her was Eckenroad with 11 points and sophomore Makenzie Gates with 10. Eckenroad and Snyder tied for the lead in rebounds with each of them having 7. Snyder also had 3 assists…

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The Singing Panthers Music 

The Singing Panthers

The 2015-16 show choir, officially The Singing Panthers Show Choir, is a group comprised of seven talented high school students who love to sing and perform. The Singing Panthers Show Choir learn two programs a year: a holiday program, which they perform at multiple places, and one to do in the late winter/spring.  They rehearse usually once or twice a week.  Members this year are seniors Christopher Benner, Ethan Eckenroad and Bailey Musselman, sophomores Sabrina Long and Baylee Swope, and freshmen Mara Laird and Madison Cottle.  The director is Mrs….

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Varsity Girls Off to a Slow Start Sports Winter Sports 

Varsity Girls Off to a Slow Start

Varsity girls basketball got off to a slow start losing their first game 29-39 to Claysburg on Friday, December 4.The starting line-up for the game was senior forward Makenzie Eshelman, junior forward Emma Eckenroad, and junior guards Sydney Snyder, Jostin Ebersole, and Peyton Leidy. Out of their 29 points, Eckenroad was the high scorer with a total of 9 points and Eshelman fell just behind her with 7 points. Eshelman took the lead for rebounds with 10 and Eckenroad and Snyder each had 8. Ebersole and Snyder both had 2…

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