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Mother Teresa Earns Sainthood Uncategorized 

Mother Teresa Earns Sainthood

  According to CNN, Mother Teresa is on her way to sainthood after Pope Francis officially recognized a second miracle by her on Friday.  The catholic will officially recognize her as a saint in September of 2016.   To qualify a person for sainthood, an attributable miracle must occur after he or she has passed away.  Pope Francis gave Mother Teresa recognition after a catholic man in Brazil with Brain Tumors prayed to her for healing.  The man was healed with no know scientific explanation shortly after it happened.  A very…

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The 557 Heroes of South Woodbury Township News Special Events 

The 557 Heroes of South Woodbury Township

On Wednesday the 11th at 10 a.m. a Veterans Memorial was dedicated by the South Woodbury Township to honor the past and current veterans living in the area.  557 names of veterans that currently and previously lived in South Woodbury Township have been included on the memorial. The names honored include veterans from the Revolutionary War up to the present day.  Special guests at the event included State Representative Jesse Topper and any surviving veterans from the area. The dedication started with the raising of our Nation’s flag, the Pennsylvania…

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The Mockingjay Part 1 Falls Short as a Film Movies Opinion 

The Mockingjay Part 1 Falls Short as a Film

“You will rescue Peeta at the earliest opportunity, or you will find another Mockingjay,” Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence says this during The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.  This quote perfectly captures one of the largest issues with this movie.  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is a solid novel adaptation that ultimately falls a little flat as a movie with a lack of continuity with the rebellious themes found in the previous films and overall a plot that only is intended to set up the next movie. As…

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Boys’ Soccer Stung by Hyndman Hornets in Close Game Fall Sports Sports 

Boys’ Soccer Stung by Hyndman Hornets in Close Game

Northern Bedford Boys’ soccer lost 2-0 against HOPE for Hyndman Charter School on Thursday evening.  Hyndman is a team that will easily make it into the District 5 playoffs.  The panthers had to play hard to compete with such a good team and keep a close score.  The boys showed an intensity and aggression on both offense and defense that has been missing for most of the season. Dakota Brunner started in goal for the panthers.  He is the third goalie that the panthers have used this season.  Starter Gavin…

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What the Soccer Team Needs to Win Editorials Fall Sports Sports 

What the Soccer Team Needs to Win

The Northern Bedford boys’ soccer team has had a rough season and evidence of this can be seen in the team’s 3-5 record.  Injury has plagued the team with both the starting keeper Gavin Gilbert and starting right midfielder Dillion Douglas both being out for the season.   With half of the season left to go the Panthers still have a chance to make the playoff berth. The Panthers have done some things really well this year despite the team’s poor record.  Senior Ethan Eckenroad has had a great season.  He…

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A Bittersweet End for Mr. Burkett Focus News 

A Bittersweet End for Mr. Burkett

Northern Bedford High School Principal David Burkett has retired as of Friday.  He has moved on to become the Superintendent of Fanett Metal School District.  He had a few different positions over the years.   Mr. Burkett started at Northern Bedford as a substitute teacher in 2001. His first full time job was as a History teacher. After his time as a history teacher Mr. Burkett became the Vice-Principal to Mr. Sherlock and eventually became the only high school principal when Mr. Sherlock moved to the middle school.  Mr. Burkett had…

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PAnther Soccer Tries to Comeback Fall Sports Sports 

PAnther Soccer Tries to Comeback

Northern Bedford boys’ soccer suffered a bitter 6-1 defeat at the hands of the McConnellsburg Spartans on Thursday, making the team’s record 3-5.  In the first 10 minutes of the game the panthers suffered a devastating injury.  Starting right midfielder Dillion Douglas went down hard after jumping in the air.  He dislocated his right patella and had to be taken to Altoona Hospital in an ambulance.  With the loss of such an important player things were looking bad for the panthers from the start. With approximately a 30 minute break…

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Panther Soccer Makes a Comeback Uncategorized 

Panther Soccer Makes a Comeback

After a week of rough losses, the boys’ soccer team has finally made a turn around with a 4-3 win over Forbes Road on Wednesday.  The panthers had been on a three game losing streak,  making the team’s record 1-4.  Desperate to salvage the season, the team needed a win to hopefully turn the season around. The team worked hard, starting off the game with a goal by JC Norris which was assisted by Cameron Sherlock.  After that though Forbes Road responded with two unanswered goals.  Losing 2-1 at half time,…

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Breaking Stereotypes: JC Noris Features 

Breaking Stereotypes: JC Noris

High school students are stereotyped as lazy teenagers that survive off of Netflix and pizza.  Often in media and movies teens are seen as sweatpants wearing freeloaders. However, here at Northern Bedford that is not true.  There are plenty of students that break this stereotype.  One student that easily beats this stereotype is Northern Bedford Senior JC Norris.  JC has time invested into soccer, band, a job on his farm, and obviously his school work.  With so much on his plate it must take time and commitment for JC to…

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Deflating Roger Goodell News 

Deflating Roger Goodell

With the 2015 NFL season starting, the only thing on football fans’ minds is the Deflategate scandal and the recent court ruling removing Tom Brady’s suspension.  Tom Brady’s suspension came from suspicion of  him tampering with the footballs in the 2014 AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Brady appealed his four game suspension in Federal Court and won.   NFL commissioner Roger Goodell disagrees with the decision to remove Brady’s suspension.   He claimed “I just want to protect the integrity of the game.”…

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