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Camera Cares Focus News 

Camera Cares

  Officers Efrain Morales, left, and Joshua Jones display body cameras. Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times Videos are used for many things. They are used for recording basketball games, a baby’s first smile, laugh and birthday cake and even a tragedy among people. Police officers often have cameras in their vehicles to catch license plates and to video a pursuit by car, but they do not have body cameras. Police officers should wear body cameras at all times.   A body camera set on an officers jacket could help the officer…

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Dear Crabby Opinion 

Dear Crabby

Dear Crabby –   I’m wondering how I can dig myself out of the hole I pushed myself into. I am a sophomore in high school and I always push studying to last minute and then I struggle and get a low grade on my tests. Studying is boring to me and so I do not have motivation to do it, but I want to pass my classes. What can I do?   Stressed About Tests   Dear Stressed About Tests,   In all honesty you could glue your head…

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Battling Meth Editorials News 

Battling Meth

Meth is a controlled substance that can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure. It is also defined as a stimulant that can treat ADHD and help obese patients lose weight.   The Bedford Gazette set forth an editorial on December 16, 2015 stating its opinion on how to shut down Indiana’s meth labs. Many people have said to get rid of meth labs would be possible by only allowing pseudo-ephedrine an ingredient in meth, to be available by prescription. On Wednesday, the Association of Indiana…

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Ask Google 2015 Editorials News 

Ask Google 2015

Many people rely on for the answers to all their questions. According to the experts at Google were asked the most popular health-related searches of the past year, 2015. Google came up with the top nine questions.   “Is bronchitis contagious?” Acute bronchitis is a chest cold occurring when the bronchial tubes get irritated and inflamed, producing mucus that makes you cough. It may or may not be the result of a bacterial infection.   “For the most part, bacterial bronchitis and airway inflammation are not contagious per…

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Weapons Against a War Inside News 

Weapons Against a War Inside released new information of a new injectable “Biogel” that is effective in sending anti-cancer agents directly into cancerous tumors and killing them. Developed by researchers as the University of Montreal Hospital Research (CRCHUM), this “Biogel” has been successfully tested in the laboratory. Biogel is normally recognized as a jello-like substance. Unlike jello, Biogel is liquid at room temperature and gels at about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit which is the normal human body temperature.   “The strength of this Biogel is that it is compatible with anti-cancer immune cells. It is…

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Uterus Transplant News 

Uterus Transplant reports that the first clinical trial of uterus transplantation in the United States has begun at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. The process of selecting women to participate in the study is underway. The study will include 10 women with uterine factor infertility (UFI), a condition in which a woman is born without a uterus, has lost their uterus, or has a uterus that no longer functions leaving traditional pregnancy an impossible act. This transplantation may enable women with UFI to become pregnant and give birth.   “Women who…

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Hats Off to Being Drug Free News Special Events 

Hats Off to Being Drug Free

Friday, October 30 the Northern Bedford high school and middle schoolers celebrated the end of Red Ribbon Week with “Hats Off to Being Drug Free” by wearing a hat of their choice. Many students participated in this. Dennis Haskins is shown below wearing a hat. Many people get into the wrong crowds and are pressured into doing drugs. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen to you is to know that it is okay to say no. You always have the choice to say no. Nobody can make you…

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You “Must-Dash” from Drugs News Special Events 

You “Must-Dash” from Drugs

Thursday, October 29 the Northern Bedford high school and middle school students wore a mustache and/or sneakers to “dash” away from drugs. The middle school made a day out of wearing a mustache while the high school was filled with students wearing sneakers ready to run. A picture of Caplin Lingenfelter and Austin Thomas’s sneakers is shown below.

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Join the Fight Against Drugs News Special Events 

Join the Fight Against Drugs

Wednesday, October 28 Northern Bedford looked like it was going into war. A fight against drugs was definitely well-known. The students dressed in camouflage as if they were going to war to fight off drugs. Coming together as one to fight the use of drugs will have a better outcome than fighting alone. Fighting alone is not all bad though. Even if you are fighting alone you’re still fighting and every little battle helps win the war against drugs. Shown below is a selfie of Brook Troutman wearing camouflage.

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Too Bright for Drugs Focus News Special Events 

Too Bright for Drugs

Tuesday, October 27 kept the week going strong with Too Bright for Drugs day. Students of Northern Bedford high school and middle school wore bright colors or their favorite college t-shirt. Bright colors show that one has a bright future without the use of drugs. College t-shirts show a future full of knowledge. Stay educated about the drugs around you. Knowledge is power and power will keep you healthy and drug free. Below Krista Foor and Shaylie Finnegan are pictured showing off bright colors.   (No Photo Available for College…

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