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German “Queens” are a Special Kind of Royalty Uncategorized 

German “Queens” are a Special Kind of Royalty

Germany is known for it’s culture around carp, but did you know it has a “Queen of the Carp”? A local girl gets elected to represent the fish and the culture of farming there for one whole year! As if having a carp queen isn’t enough for good ole’ Germany, they also have Queen of the Blossom, Queen of the Lakeland, Queen of the Horseradish, Queen of the Blueberry, Queen of the Bavarian Veal Sausage, and many more. These queens are often photographed in a strange way, too.  The pictures…

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“Howe” Ridiculous Can You Be? Editorials 

“Howe” Ridiculous Can You Be?

Many people in this society do crazy things, but many were knocked off their saddle when they heard that Chris Howe from California filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s for not having 100% mozzarella in their cheese sticks. Most people wouldn’t head over to the local greasy McDonald’s to get organic, healthy meals. Most people know, or just assume, all Mcdonald’s labels about “real beef” and “100% mozzarella” are just fake, but they’re okay with it; they know and don’t really care what’s in it. This, however, is not the case…

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Homeless but Warm for Winter Uncategorized 

Homeless but Warm for Winter

Twelve year old Makenna Breading-Goodrich has taken on a huge project for such a little girl. After watching a show on homeless people during the winter months, at only nine years of age, she was determined to help in some way. That’s when she started Makenna’s Coats for a Cause. Over the years, however, Makenna made her little collection of coats and blankets a very big deal. This past Christmas, Makenna delivered more than 1,000 coats, blankets and other winter gear to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, according to Many…

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Mara is on the Move Uncategorized 

Mara is on the Move

Mara Laird can go from playing the trumpet in the school band, to belting out some tunes in the Singing Panther Show Choir, and also singing in her very own band, Blessed. This Northern Bedford freshman has her hands full and still manages to keep an A average. “ I have had an A average for as long as I can remember. Finishing school work, attending choir, going to voice lessons, singing in a praise band, and going to show choir practices keep me very busy. Maintaining an A average…

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Leggings Need to be Accepted Editorials 

Leggings Need to be Accepted

Many schools today have accepted the fact that leggings are a modern style that many teens enjoy and have welcomed leggings into their dress code, but not at Northern Bedford. Northern Bedford stands strong to the “no tight exercise wear” rule. It is not the female’s fault that they have bodies that men like. Women should not be told to hide their bodies so the men won’t be distracted; female education is just as important male education. Not only does this seem sexist, it also has no effect on education….

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Should Chipotle Stay Open? Editorials 

Should Chipotle Stay Open?

With the recent outbreak of E. coli in many Chipotle’s , CEO Steve Ells doesn’t seem very affected by that fact that his restaurant caused 52 people in nine different states to be sickened. He is focused on getting the chance of foodborne illness as close to zero percent as possible, but he stated in “Chipotle CEO: No price increase to cover food safety”, “It is impossible to insure that there is a zero percent chance of any kind of foodborne illness anytime anyone eats anywhere.” This statement might be…

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Panthers Crush Bulldogs! Fall Sports 

Panthers Crush Bulldogs!

NBC’s girls Junior High volleyball team took another win, 25-13, on NBC’s court on September 15th against the Claysburg Bulldogs. Starting off the first game they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They were sloppy and they weren’t giving it their all. However, they managed to take down the Bulldogs, 25-13. Knowing the first game was a mess, it was their goal to go into the second game and show Claysburg what they had, but they didn’t. They continued the frantic plays and passes just to…

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Panthers Annihilate Dragons! Fall Sports 

Panthers Annihilate Dragons!

The NBC Junior High girls volleyball team crushed Spring Cove 25-10 on September 14th, on Northern Bedford’s home court. The Panthers haven’t played to their full potential yet, including this game. They were unsure, nervous, and could do much better. However, they managed to pull out another win. The girls, luckily, won their first game to 25-10. Determined to do better,the team headed into the second game, but they continued to flounder. However, this was enough to beat the Dragons. Krysta Kennedy thought that, “We played pretty strong the second…

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The Rival is Defeated Fall Sports 

The Rival is Defeated

The Rival is Defeated! By: Abby Heister   More than surprised, the Junior High girls volleyball team wins again Thursday evening on the Titans court. However, they didn’t start off the first game as good as they’d like. Falling behind by three points the girls knew they had to work hard. The next thing they knew they had the lead. With a lot of hustling and teamwork the Panthers take down the Titans in game one with a score of 25-19. Knowing the Titans had potential, they head into the…

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Panthers Take Down Trojans Fall Sports 

Panthers Take Down Trojans

Panthers Take Down Trojans!                                                             By: Abby Heister   The Northern Bedford Junior High girls volleyball team couldn’t be more satisfied with winning the first game of the season, beating Mount Union, on the NBC court, Wednesday after school. The first game the girls’ nerves got the best of them. After not doing so hot, they knew they had to get it together. They won the first game with a close score of 25-18. Starting off the next game they knew they had to be ready. With a lot less mistakes,…

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