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McDonald’s Vs. Subway Uncategorized 

McDonald’s Vs. Subway

All fast food restaurants have at least some things in common. They get people their food quickly and most of the time, cost efficiently. I started working at the Subway in the Clark building in February of 2018. My time spent there was short, because I absolutely hated it. It was hectic and poorly run. I now work at the Breezewood McDonald’s. My personal experience working at McDonald’s has been far less stressful than my experience working at Subway. The businesses are run completely different. At Mcdonald’s, there is always…

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Student Council: Making an IMPACT News Special Events 

Student Council: Making an IMPACT

Student Council President, Ariel Reed is taking multiple student issues to the school board. One of the issues that the Student Council will be bringing up is where the money gathered from parking passes will be going. The Student Council threw around ideas and decided on using the money to help fund a senior trip. This would benefit this year’s seniors and all the rest to come. Also, at the football game on Friday, September 14, the Student Council will be raising money for the Dasher family. “The Student Council…

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Full Coverage Fashion 

Full Coverage

Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation has absolutely blown my mind. This foundation comes in 24 super saturated shades to match all skin tones. This highly pigmented foundation will turn back the clock for a fabulous 24 hour wear. This foundation is made to correct visible flaws and transform skin. This foundation is a matte finish and gives a flawless end result. I tried this foundation out alongside the Maybelline Superstay Primer, because they are made to work together. This primer is fairly liquidy but it works really well. My skin…

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Healthy Hearts Close to Home News Special Events 

Healthy Hearts Close to Home

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center in Roaring Spring recently announced that they are adding a new department to the hospital. As of August 22, the new heart catheterization lab started construction. It is located in the front of the Roaring Spring Hospital in the former occupational health department. The lab is expected to be open for patients by mid January. “Doctors will perform heart catheterizations to diagnose problems and implant stents to blocked arteries. In addition, the catheterization lab will offer other vascular procedures such as clearing blocked arteries in the…

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Choose Cruz Politics 

Choose Cruz

  Ted Cruz is an American politician and the Junior United States Senator from Texas. Cruz graduated from Princeton University in 1992, and from Harvard Law School in 1995. Cruz supports gun rights. On April 13, 2013 Cruz voted against the Manchin Toomey Amendment, an amendment that would require additional background checks on sales at gun shows. Cruz has many good values. Cruz is very in favor of freedom of religion and against abortion. “Our rights come from our creator,” presidential candidate Cruz said after winning the Iowa Caucus. Cruz…

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Blood Loss For Red Cross News 

Blood Loss For Red Cross

On Friday, January 22, 2016 The American Red Cross was at Northern Bedford County High School for the second annual blood drive. Mr. Barton, history teacher and Student Council advisor, sets up the drive every year and supervises it. There were 39 donors over all and the American Red Cross collected 33 units. This was the first time that the rapid pass system was used. A rapid pass allows you to sign up online for giving blood ahead of time. It was supposed to speed up the process, but didn’t…

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Getting To Know Madison Cottle Features 

Getting To Know Madison Cottle

Madison Cottle is a freshman at Northern Bedford County High School. She is the point guard on the Junior High basketball team. She has played basketball since elementary school. She also plays soccer and received a newcomers award this year. She says she plays sports because she likes to be athletic and they help her relieve stress. When asked which sport she would play if she could only choose one and why she said “That’s a hard decision but I would say basketball because it is fun and I am…

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Royal Caribbean, Not Feeling Royal News 

Royal Caribbean, Not Feeling Royal

On February 8, 2016 The Anthem of the Seas turned back to its original port after a severe storm. The storm injured 4 people and passengers were forced into their staterooms for safety reasons. The Anthem of the Seas encountered rough seas off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They were sailing from the New York area to Port Canaveral, Florida. The trip was originally intended to be a seven day trip to the Bahamas. The cruise line said that their were some damages to public areas and cabins, but the ship…

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Shine Bright Like Ella Gable Features 

Shine Bright Like Ella Gable

Ella Gable is a 7th grader at Northern Bedford County Middle School. She has many talents including singing, guitar, playing basketball, and does football cheerleading. Ella started playing guitar about two years ago. She taught herself how to play for about a year then started receiving lessons from an individual from the SNK music shop in Everett. She is currently receiving lessons from The Banjo Shop in Bedford. Ella also loves to sing and is very good at it. She has never taken singing lessons, because it comes naturally to…

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Tragedy In the Olsen Family News 

Tragedy In the Olsen Family

On Saturday January 9, 2016  Ashley Olsen was found dead in her apartment. This event misled many of the Olsen twin’s fans. The Ashley Olsen that died on January 9, was not the famous Ashley Olsen. Olsen was 35 years old and living in Florence, Italy. Olsen’s Boyfriend found her. Italian News agency ANSA reported that Olsen was strangled, but authorities wouldn’t comment on the cause of death until they receive an autopsy report. “Her death is being treated as a homicide,” police spokeswoman Maddalena Carosi said on Italian TV….

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