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Go Foor It! Features Focus Sports 

Go Foor It!

Andrew Foor is a senior at Northern Bedford County High School. As a tri-athlete, he is involved in football, basketball, and baseball and he starts in all three.  He was always involved in sports, even at a young age.He said, “I’ve been playing sports since I was able to throw a ball. My brother was already in sports, so watching him brought me into the same sport interests.” Of all sports, baseball is his favorite sport to watch and play, and he always holds high expectations of himself.  As a…

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Attention students of NBC: The Northern Lite needs a logo and we need your help! The student who designs the BEST logo for the Northern Lite will win 10 PRIDE TICKETS and creative credit.  2nd, 3rd and 4th places will receive 1 Pride Ticket. Please submit logo creations to: We prefer a jpeg format, so if it is hand-drawn, please scan (or give to Mrs. Martin to scan). Contest ends January 20th!

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Homecoming Court News 

Homecoming Court

On September 21 homerooms voted for the 2017 King and Queen, which will be announced at the Homecoming football game Friday September 29. The senior court consists of: Maddie Cherry, Katie Corle, McKenzie Gates, Sydney Lingenfelter, Emma Suter, Trevor Allison, Joshua Dasher, Jaden Fernandez, Andrew Foor, and Jacob Keller. The junior representatives are Madison Cottle and Alexander Fouse. The sophomore representatives are Jennifer Ilgen and Ian Sherlock. The freshman representatives are Ella Gable and Zachary Stone.   Congratulations to all!  

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Interact Club: Helping Those in Need News 

Interact Club: Helping Those in Need

On Thursday September 14, the NBC Interact Club members traveled via student van to the Woodbury Food Bank to help organize food items. Principal Michael O’Dellick drove the van and stayed to watch the members in action. The members included (from left to right) juniors Ally Ritchey and Ariel Reed, senior Evan Cottle, freshman Livi Horton, and sophomore Alaina Stuckey. “It was really neat to see how hard they work,” said O’Dellick. The students left the school at 10 AM and returned in time for second lunch. This trips occurs…

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Modern Day Heroes: More Plentiful Than You’d Think Editorials Opinion 

Modern Day Heroes: More Plentiful Than You’d Think

By: Gavin Gilbert   Look around. Notice the people surrounding you. If you’re in a public place, you’re likely amongst people of different shapes and sizes and hairstyles and who knows what else. Okay, so what?   You’re likely surrounded by a plethora of people I would classify as modern day heroes.   As a 17 year old kid who loves America and is enlisted in the U.S. Army, it would be easy (and correct) to write an article on American Soldiers being heroes. They absolutely are. In this article,…

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Calisthenics V. Weight Training Focus News 

Calisthenics V. Weight Training

By: Gavin Gilbert What is the one burning question that plagues the mind of all muscle-desiring ‘bros’ around the world?   “Should I lift weights, or do bodyweight exercises?”   And the answer to that question lies within another question: what are you trying to do?   If you really just wanna throw on muscle and serious mass, and aren’t particularly worried about strength, hit the weights. If you’re looking to not be quite so big, but have a lot of functional strength, use your own weight (calisthenics).   Lifting…

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Coffee Bean Crisis News Opinion 

Coffee Bean Crisis

Rising costs of most items is expected. Normal necessities to the average American like healthcare, food prices, and gas become more expensive all the time so it’s no wonder, yet still a bit of a surprise, that soon the cost of something as simple as coffee is expected to rise as well.   Smuckers, a company who owns both the Cafe Bastello and Folgers brands announced on January 11 that they plan to raise their prices by at least 6% percent to account for  what they cited as “sustained increases…

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Classic Game Gets a Modern Remake News 

Classic Game Gets a Modern Remake

This coming fall, a new monopoly game will hit the shelves with very new game pieces. For the first time in the game’s 82 year history, Hasbro is allowing fans to vote on what pieces to include in the new version. On the website,, there are 64 options to choose from. Only eight of these pieces are classics such as the boat or car. The other 54 are new pop culture pieces such as hashtags, emojis, and bunny slippers. The new version will cost approximately $20 once released. This…

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New Chairman News Politics 

New Chairman

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman, Rob Gleason, on January 3rd, announced his intentions to not appeal another term as State Party Chairman. He mentions that 53 county courthouses are under Republican control, and that he cannot think of a better time to celebrate more than a decade of working for the best organization in the country. As he continues, he states that after his reelection in 2013, that he is confined with his family and friends, but this would be his final term as Chairman. Gleason is proud of…

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