Flight 93 Memorial Field Trip- A Personal Reflection Uncategorized 

Flight 93 Memorial Field Trip- A Personal Reflection

On September 20, Mr. Barton’s Current Issues class went to the Flight 93 Memorial, which was a great experience. This is an incredibly important field trip for years to come because it shows students the reality of what it was like to be on the flight and the reality of how bad the crash was. On September 11, 2001, Flight 93 crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA after it got hijacked by four Al Qaeda terrorists. The crash killed all 44 people that were on board which included the…

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Sport Shorts-Week of September 17 Uncategorized 

Sport Shorts-Week of September 17

Here are some items that happened in NBC sports this week: BOYS Football Varsity-Lost to Everett by a score of 27-20. They play Bellwood at Bellwood this week. JV-Did not play this week JH-Beat Tussey Mountain by a score of 30-14   Golf Varsity-Beat Bellwood for their 2nd win of the season.   Soccer Varsity-Lost to Fannett Metal by a score of 9-1. and lost to Hope for Hyndman  by a score of 11-1.   GIRLS Soccer Varsity-Lost to Fannett Metal and Moshannon Valley by a score of 4-0.  …

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McDonald’s Vs. Subway Uncategorized 

McDonald’s Vs. Subway

All fast food restaurants have at least some things in common. They get people their food quickly and most of the time, cost efficiently. I started working at the Subway in the Clark building in February of 2018. My time spent there was short, because I absolutely hated it. It was hectic and poorly run. I now work at the Breezewood McDonald’s. My personal experience working at McDonald’s has been far less stressful than my experience working at Subway. The businesses are run completely different. At Mcdonald’s, there is always…

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Trash is Trash! Editorials 

Trash is Trash!

On last Friday’s Backyard Brawl home football game, the visiting audience left their stands and the surrounding area ruined. This act is absolutely disrespectful and rude to the hosting teams’ staff and community. To fix this issue, visitors should be required to pick up after themselves or an announcement should be made about picking up trash before the majority of people start to leave. Firstly, these solutions help make sure that the custodians for the night are not overworked. Secondly, this also shows the hosting school that visitors respect public…

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Constant Thirst Editorials 

Constant Thirst

  Thirst is a problem in the lives of everyday students. In order to get a drink, a student must ask permission. Something as simple as getting a drink shouldn’t be a problem in school. This could easily be fixed by allowing students to carry a water bottle.   Water is major staple in keeping the human body functioning. It makes up about 60% of one’s body and it is essential that everyone drinks enough everyday. It is recommended to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day….

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Don’t Let Creativity Dye Editorials 

Don’t Let Creativity Dye

Creativity is being limited in the sense of self-expression due to hair color options being restricted. This is a horrendous idea and should be removed from school systems everywhere. Hair color is a way for students to express themselves and be happy with who they are. If students are not happy with their image, they will be less likely to feel motivated in general. This can make school days sluggish and lower the general atmosphere of the school. In addition, the reason hair color is being restricted to natural colors…

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Doing What’s Best or Making Us Stressed? Uncategorized 

Doing What’s Best or Making Us Stressed?

Recently there has been a serious increase in the required amount of work given to students after school. “Teachers assign about 3.5 hours of homework a week. For high school students who typically have five classes with different teachers, that could mean up to 17.5 hours a week for some students,” U.S. News says. While this may still seem like a normal amount, or preparation for college and work, when including all the extracurricular activities schools expect students to do, it is unhealthy for students to have this to deal…

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Sport Shorts-Week of September 10 Fall Sports Sports 

Sport Shorts-Week of September 10

Here are some sports items that happened for NBC this week. BOYS Football Varsity-Lost to Tussey Mountain by a score of 14-7. They play Everett this week at Everett on Friday. JV-Did not play this week. JH-Beat Moshannon Valley by a score of 32-0.   Golf Varsity-Played at Down River and lost their match.   Soccer Varsity-Lost to Forbes Road 14-1. Also lost to Fannett Metal by a score of 9-1.   GIRLS Soccer Varsity-Lost to Everett by a score of 3-2. They play at Fannett Metal on Tuesday.  …

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In School Fundraisers News 

In School Fundraisers

Raising money for FBLA, the members continue to sell Subway coupon cards until September 24, 2018. After state competition’s last year, funds for the club are insufficient. We ask the community to help by purchasing their product. Also this week, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) fund raise for the State Conference coming up by selling Bedford Candies’ products. Again, we ask for your support to help get their members to this Conference.

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Cheering on Abby Ritchey Features 

Cheering on Abby Ritchey

Blood, sweat, and cheers: these are all things that go along with Friday night lights and Abby Ritchey is always there showing her support. Ritchey has been cheering all through her high school career for the football players. Her favorite part about being a cheerleader is being a part of a team that is like her family that she can spend her Friday nights with. Her sister, Emily, has also been a big influence on her life and she’s even the one that made her want to cheer to begin…

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