Senior Bequests 2018 Features Focus News 

Senior Bequests 2018

  Featured in image: Northern Bedford National Honor Society seniors of 2018!   Trevor M. Allison I,Trevor Allison, leave my spot on the line to Kyle Guyer, my football locker to Alex Fouse, and my parking spot to Allie Snider. Dalson Arcq I, Dalson Arcq, leave my parking spot to Raechel Arcq.   Megan Beam I, Megan Beam, leave my culinary skills to Marissa Ebersole. I also leave my parking spot to Stephanie Runyon.   Kaylee Bowers I, Kaylee Bowers, leave my “love” for volleyball to Ally Ritchey, my will…

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Senior Biographies 2018 Features News 

Senior Biographies 2018

Trevor Allison Trevor Michael Allison, otherwise known as Teddy, is the son of Mike and Becky Allison. He was born on April 29, 2000, and resides in New Enterprise. He is currently taking building trades classes here at NBC. Throughout high school, he has participated in football. His closest friends are Tristin Guyer, Kyle Guyer, Nathan Clapper, Josh Dasher, and Tyler Wirth. Trevor’s favorite memory during high school is, “winning the district championship at Somerset my senior year of football.” After high school, he  plans to work in construction. One…

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Tragic Shooting at Waffle House News 

Tragic Shooting at Waffle House

On April 22, a deadly shooting broke out at a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee. 4 people were killed and 4 more were injured. The gunman was partially naked when the shooting occurred, wearing only a green jacket. After sitting in a pickup truck in the parking lot, he came out holding an AR-15-style rifle and fatally shot two people outside the Waffle House. He then went inside the restaurant, killed a third person, and injured a fourth who died later. 29-year-old James Shaw Jr., who suffered a bullet graze…

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Isle of Dogs Review Movies 

Isle of Dogs Review

“Nobody’s giving up around here, and don’t you forget it, ever. You’re Rex. You’re King. You’re Duke. You’re Boss! I’m Chief. We’re a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs.”(Bryan Cranston, Chief). Isle of Dogs was released March 23, 2018. The animated film features many famous voices such as Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray. The story is set in a dystopian near-future Japan in which dogs have overpopulated the island and have contracted ‘canine flu’. The film begins with the mayor of Megasaki City signing a decree banishing all…

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Teenage Pregnancy in the Media Editorials 

Teenage Pregnancy in the Media

In 2018, shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are watched by millions of people everyday. Many of those viewers are teenagers. Teenagers are arguably the most impressionable generation; so, what they see on TV and the internet plays a huge role in their actions. The question is, do TV shows like 16 and Pregnant promote or discourage teenage pregnancy? Well, one study of Nielsen television ratings and birth records suggests that ‘16 and Pregnant’ and its spinoffs may have prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers in…

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The Greatest Showman Movies Music Opinion 

The Greatest Showman

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” (P.T. Barnum). The Greatest Showman was released on December 8, 2017. The film stars Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, Zac Efron as Philip Carlisle, Zendaya as Anne Wheeler. The film begins with a young P.T. Barnum daydreaming about performing in a circus before he’s brought back to reality. He is the son of a tailor and, while on a job one day, he meets a young girl named Charity who he makes laugh. However, the father of the young girl looks…

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The Rotary 4 Way Test Special Events 

The Rotary 4 Way Test

Every year, the Morrison Cove Rotary holds its annual speech contest. On March 14 at Northern Bedford, 7 students competed for cash prizes. Each speeches must be 5 to 7 minutes in length and must be based on an ethical issue in the world. In their speeches, each student must include the Rotary 4 Way Test and solutions to their issue. 6 of the participants were from Northern Bedford itself. The other student was from Spring Cove. In 3rd place, Kara Wright, a Northern Bedford Senior, gave her speech on…

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Go Foor It! Features Focus Sports 

Go Foor It!

Andrew Foor is a senior at Northern Bedford County High School. As a tri-athlete, he is involved in football, basketball, and baseball and he starts in all three.  He was always involved in sports, even at a young age.He said, “I’ve been playing sports since I was able to throw a ball. My brother was already in sports, so watching him brought me into the same sport interests.” Of all sports, baseball is his favorite sport to watch and play, and he always holds high expectations of himself.  As a…

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Jesse Topper Visits NBC Features News Politics 

Jesse Topper Visits NBC

On February 22, Pennsylvania State Representative Jesse Topper visited Northern Bedford County High School to discuss the lawmaking process and his job. The students had the chance to ask questions about Topper’s positions on gun control, the wage gap, abortion laws and about his job. Many students enjoyed the experience and were happy with Topper’s charismatic attitude. Topper was very candid with his answers and even threw in a few jokes. Overall, the experience was a fun and educational one.

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